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Frame tents


The Ivanovoiskozh Company develops and manufactures modular frame tents for all intents and purposes:
— all-season accommodation of the members of the Armed Forces;
— establishment of shelters and tent camps in case of emergencies;
— erection of storage facilities;
— tent halls to be used temporarily in trade and fair, for occasional events, exhibitions, presentations, catering, etc.

The tent is based on a simple and ergonomic metal structure  having no sharp corners. The elements of the tents are joined by means of assembly joints thus ensuring quick and trouble-free installation and dismantling of the tent. The frame is strong enough to provide stability of the tent and enable it to withstand high winds and heavy snow.

The outer tent can be manufactured from various materials. PVC-coated tent fabric is waterproof, the protective lacquer coating of the tent ensures its resistance to pollution and UV radiation and preserves its initial elasticity, thereby the tent retains its properties being repeatedly folded. The outer tent made from Canvas and PVC coated material ensures the excellent natural ventilation of the tent. The material has been processed with special treatments for protection from moisture and pollution.

The tent liner is manufactured from various materials – Discret О, coarse calico or needled fabric, the choice of materials depending on the season and the area where the tent is used. All the materials are easy to clean and wash.

Depending on the construction type and Customer’s requirements, the tent can be additionally equipped with heating systems, lighting, ventilation system. Our Company also offers the option of making changes to the design, size and finishing the interior and exterior of module frame tents.

The tents produced by the Ivanovoiskozh Company are supplied to the Ministry of Defence of Russia, the EMERCOM of Russia and the Federal State Reserve Agency. This has become the proof of high quality and reliability of our products.

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