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PVC Canopies:
3×10, 4×6, 6×12, 10×10, 17×23, 15×15 m
Canvas Canopies:
4×6, 6×10 m
Oxford Canopies:
4×6, 10×10, 20×20 m
Tarpaulin Canopies:
3×10, 4×6, 6×12, 10×10, 17×23, 15×15 m
PVC Canopies:
Customized size tent fabric sheets determined by agreement with the Customer
Cold-proof Canopies made from any material (PVC/Canvas/Oxford/Tarpaulin + thermal insulation):
4×6, 6×10, 5×6 m

Canopies are tent covers intended for protection of equipment, machinery and personnel from weather-related impact.

Our Customers’ experience has proven that canopies are required for use in the following areas of activity:
— oil industry: protecting chemicals during drilling operations;
— construction: temporary shelters during concreting, welding, finishing and façade works;
— construction: temporary outdoor storage facilities for building materials;
industrial facilities: shelters for special-purpose machinery and equipment;
— agriculture: temporary straw and hay bale shelter, shelter for machinery, equipment and structures.

The Ivanovoiskozh Company manufactures canopies in the form of separate sheets made from PVC coated tent fabric, canvas, Oxford or Tarpaulin fabrics. The sheets are joined together and mounted on a metal frame with use of a specifically designed fastener system. The canopies can be quickly and easily installed and dismantled. If situation requires, the canopies may be rolled up, transported and used at another location.

The Ivanovoiskoh Company also produces cold-proof canopies (PVC coated tent fabric — thermal insulation — PVC coated tent fabric). This three-layer structure retains its properties even if one of the layers is damaged. These cold-proof canopies are resistant to temperature fluctuations, which enables works to be carried during periods of very low temperatures.

The Ivanovoiskozh Company manufactures canopies from PVC coated tent fabric. When designing these products, all the construction details of the facility to be sheltered are taken into consideration: doors, gates, windows, cuts, ventilation holes.

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