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Metal tent structures

Quickly erectable metal-tent structures (hangars or mobile tent installations) are temporary structures, which are easy to assemble and dismantle.

They are usually used in the following spheres of activity:
— Agricultural sector. Erection of livestock breeding complexes, storage facilities and covers for farm machinery.
— Oil industry. Set up of repair facilities, machinery repair and maintenance facilities at drilling sites.
— Construction sector. Erection of shelters for structures, temporary storage facilities for building materials and machinery repair and maintenance facilities.
— Defence industry. Set up of facilities for storage and maintenance of military machinery and equipment.

Metal tent structures consist of metal frames and tent fabric sheets draped over.

The portable frame is made of steel. All the parts of this metal structure are mounted without welding so that all temporary hangars can be dismantled, transported and installed at a new location. These structures can withstand high winds and heavy snow. The load factors are calculated by the experts of the Ivanovoiskozh Company according to the climatic conditions of the regions where the tents are expected to be used.

PVC coated material is used for the manufacture of roofs and walls. The tent fabric cover can be executed in one, two or three layers  to achieve waterproofness and breathability. The tent cover consists of separate part for the tent to be easier installed.

Upon request, the tent frame structure can be equipped with additional elements, e.g. door frames and gates.

If you have a structure already installed, we can manufacture tent covers customized to your sizing preferences and tailored to fit your outdoor structure exactly.

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