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Standard size for length, width:
3×14, 20×20, 40×40, 36×15 m
Customized size:
determined by agreement with the Customer

Sludge pits are constructed for temporarily storage of oil wastes and sludge produced by drilling in the areas where drilling works are carried out. To prevent spillage of these pollutants into water and soil, sludge pit liners are used thus protecting the environment from contamination.

A sludge pit line is a tent made of PVC coated fabric. For the installation on site to be easy, large liners usually consist of several pieces. The size of each liner depends on the size and form of the pit itself. The liner should correspond in length and width with those of the pit to eliminate the risk of its displacement or damage and any spillage of the sludge. A special fastening system is provided to the user for the liner position to be fixed in the pit. A set of stakes and pegs is delivered along with the liner, for the latter to be fixed with piles along the pit perimeter thus providing additional protection from liner displacement.

PVC coated tent fabric used for the manufacture of our liners is leak-proof and resistant to aggressive media i.e. oil, oil product, various chemicals and alkalis. Furthermore, the material is highly frost resistant and heat resistant which enables the liners to be used both in hot and cold weather as well as in cold climate regions. The enhanced strength of the tent fabric and its resistance to flexing and abrasion ensure its reliability and durability of the inserts produced by the Ivanovoiskozh Company.

The methods for folding and packing the liners ensure their effective handling and transportability, as well as quick and trouble-free installation thereof in any environment.

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