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Rig shelters

Standard sizes:
3×10, 4×6, 6×12, 10×10, 17×23, 15×15 m
Customized size tent fabric sheets:
determined by agreement with the Customer
Customized size tent fabric sheets and a metal frame:
determined by agreement with the Customer

Rig shelters are outdoor tent structures intended for protection of equipment, machinery and personnel from weather-related impact (wind, snow, rain) in severe climatic conditions.

The Ivanovoiskozh Company manufactures rig shelters in the form of strong PVC coated tent fabric sheets. The sheets are joined together and mounted on a metal frame with fasteners to be chosen in accordance with existing requirements and actual usage conditions. The rig shelter system protects drilling rigs from atmospheric precipitations and ensures the even tension of the shelter on the frame.

Product information provided in our Company’s Catalogue represents Rig Shelters in a variety of their forms and sizes:
— Standard sized tent fabric sheets (as per Technical Description to the Russian State Standards GOST 16965–71);
— Customized size tent fabric sheets;
— Customized size tent fabric sheets equipped with a metal frame.

Upon a Customer’s request, we can make Rig Shelters cold-proof. A multi-layer structure (PVC coated tent fabric — thermal insulation — PVC coated tent fabric) provides durability and reliability to the Shelters. Izolon or Sintepon used as thermal insulation materials ensure minimum thermal conductivity of our Rig Shelters. Due to its mechanical strength, this three-layer structure will retain its properties even if one of the layers is damaged.

Custom Rig Shelters can be equipped with additional components: doorframes, gates, flaps, windows, cuts and ventilation holes. In that case, the actual dimensional parameters should be determined by the Customer.

The metal frame for each Rig Shelter is made according to the Customer’s drawings or sketches, or according to engineering design developed by the experts of the Ivanovoiskozh Company after they have made all required measurements of the equipment to be sheltered. For assembling the metal frame structure, modular joints are used to simplify the installation of the structure.

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